AZ-500 Dumps Create application services and check available application service plans and prices. Play with available storage options, blobs, queues, Cosmos DB, etc. Get an overview of the security model and pricing concepts. For the remaining topics, you can refer to short courses or review Microsoft materials right before the exam. Tips and Tricks You can implement several POCs for the core functions of Azure services, and a working knowledge of these Azure services will help you understand questions faster. Consider all available answer choices before making your final choice.

AZ 500 exam schedule and price information Exam AZ-500 Exam Dumps fees may vary depending on the country where you take this test. Suppose if you live in India, the exam fee is around INR 3,700. Complete the test: You can spend as much time as you want on a particular question, but you must take the time to answer all the questions. Any questions not completed within the allotted time will be considered incorrect. During the class, you can skip questions and come back to answer them later. You can also review your answers to previous questions and change them at any time during the test. You can end your test session by submitting the test for score or canceling the test. Submit Your Test You can submit your test at any time by clicking "Submit Test" and confirming your selection. 

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